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World Travel is often found on people's Bucket lists. Not travelling enough is also a top regret of the elderly. However, travel is costly, time consuming and can be dangerous. Instead of spending a great deal of time researching each travel destination in the world, we will provide you with a shortcut: A list of the best Wonders of the World wrapped in a format of Big History, Science and Philosophy. We call it “Top 100 Wonders”.

After researching the best destinations and travelling to those during a period of 12 years, we have created a new list. Better than any other list available today. In addition to being unique, we wanted to create a list focusing on a single story of earth, life and human beings.

What are the most enlightening, noble (as in good) and beautiful places and experiences one can see during a lifetime? What is worthy of Awe, Exceptional beauty, a masterpiece, best of the best, major significance, an outstanding example of a threshold moment?