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I can go the distance

Around the world in 50 days

1. Around the world in 50 days
2. A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step
3. Beijing Sleeps - Military closes the Forbidden City
4. The Great Wall of China
5. DJ Oakenfold to starving children: The Day of Contrasts
6. China gives new meaning to “Bargaining”
7. China is as culturally diversified as Europe
8+9: Insects are Nutritious! Anything-on-a-stick!
10. The Summer Palace
11. Train from Beijing→Hong Kong
Hong Kong Introduction
12. HK gives rough welcome but wins us over with Light Show
13. We’re melting…
What is your impression of Beijing & Hong Kong? Do you agree with our summary?
Bad Blood & the Land Down Under
14+15.We always meet Facinating People at the Airport
16+17. Sydney tour & Rugby Disaster
18+19. Not Impressed???
20, 21, 22. Katoomba Blue Mountains
23. Long lost relative in Canberra
24. Half way through!
25. War? What is it good for?
26. Taronga Zoo - Yes or No?
27. Preparing for next Chapter
Fiji - a Gem on our planet
28. Fiji opens your heart
29. Brain-Fork, 1st Kava Ceremony + New Dimensions
30. Does Paradise accept Credit Cards?
31. The best Under Water Wonder
32. Every step until this point had taken us further away
33. The Best Gift is a Good Story
34. Thunderstorm in Fiji
35. To the Stars + Airport Security
Common Claims about Los Angeles!
36. Have you broken the rules while abroad?
37. Local Buses - Good Sightseeing
38. Jay Leno - Do you remember him?
39. Universal Studios
40. Live Sitcom + US Army
41. Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
Philadelphia - Part of US History
42. Have you ever dropped your pants at an airport?
43. Hygiene and Travel
44+45. Heatwave - so we made lemonade
46. Philadelphia Sightseeing + Arrogance
New York City!!! Exclamation!
47. NY Sightseeing + Police Helicopter
48. Central Park, Empire State + How we get Travel Pictures
49. United Nations + Kelly Bundy
50! Letterman + Brooklyn + Broadway
51. What is the Best Investment?
Financial Independence & Lifestyle of your Choice
A few days in Paris
A few days in Bahrain. How are women really treated?

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All Top100Wonders’ products are created according to the concept of “Transcendentals”. They entail that the starting point should always be “Truth” (fact), so that ensuing decisions will be based on an accurate platform. Then you move on to “Goodness” (do the right thing), and finally “Beauty” (excellence in performance or general improvement). For the observant reader, these 3-step-concepts will jump off the pages.

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