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Travel Guides, Blog and Award-winning Photos has created the "Top100Wonders"​ series; A collection of Books, Guides, and Award-winning Photographs. They were designed to: Make your travels Easier, Cheaper, and more Convenient. Convey a story of Life, Humans and Innovation. Combine Travel Wonders in a timeline of Big History & Science.

All Top100Wonders’ products are created according to the concept of “Transcendentals”. They entail that the starting point should always be “Truth” (fact), so that ensuing decisions will be based on an accurate platform. Then you move on to “Goodness” (do the right thing), and finally “Beauty” (excellence in performance or general improvement). For the observant reader, these 3-step-concepts will jump off the pages.

Top100Wonders takes great professional pride in providing the most accurate and realistic imagery from our destinations. 12 years of research and exploration, 1284 days on the road, and more than 250 destinations, has resulted in over 10 000 photographs and videos. Our ambition is that anyone with the remotest interest of the world can go on a fantastic exploration by partaking in Top100Wonders. Regardless of their inclination or ability to actually complete a physical journey, they should be able to experience the world. Our photos & videos have received several awards, and high acclaim for imparting a genuine “feel” to its viewers.